Our Services

Interpreting (Verbal Communication)

H-I can supply you with professional interpreters in any language. All of our interpreters are aware of their role as cross-cultural facilitators, and are committed to prompt, professional, confidential service.

Our interpreting services allow you to communicate confidently in any language during any conference, business negotiation, trial, deposition or hearing, medical or social service appointment, or while mingling at a corporate gathering with international participants. You want your interactions to be smooth and successful; our interpreters do that.

The interpreting team at H-I includes only professional interpreters who are skilled public speakers, fluent in English and their native language, and convey messages in a business-friendly manner.

Translation Services (Written Communication)

H-I has established a reputation for high-quality translations and reliable delivery for our customers. We provide final translations that are accurate, consistent, culturally sensitive and faithful to the original documents.

Our network of hundreds of document translators can transform your message into over 150 languages. Only native-speaking, professional translators with expertise in the subject matter are used. We also take special care that the translator's dialect (or variety) of the language is appropriate for the country or region where your translations will be used.

Text and document translation sounds simple. But to effectively communicate your message, you need translators who are native speakers of the target language, have a proven capability to adapt text for their region's culture, and possess skills in communicating with the terminology of your industry.

TECHNICAL – Manuals, Reportsk, MSDS, Sheets

COMMERCIAL – Advertising Brochures, Multimedia, Websites

LEGAL – Contracts, Patents, Certificates

EDUCATION – Transcripts, Diplomas, Degrees

MEDICAL – Medical Records, Consents, Studies Diplomas

FINANCIAL – Financial and Bank Statements, Tax Records and Forms


The linguistic and formal expertise of the proofreader further polishes the translation. This step places special emphasis on details, including spelling, punctuation, and treatment of numbers and client-specific standards.

Website Localization

Web site Localization / Content Management


We also cast voice talent, and translate presentations with or without voice-overs. We make necessary layout and text spacing adjustments for each target language, returning ready-to-use documents to you using the appropriate graphics programs.